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a comprehensive, hacker-style pentest . Security conscious companies use sociumpartners to perform continuous pentests, managevulnerabilities & fix them in record time. All at one place.

Our Cyber Security Services

VAPT Testing

VAPT, or Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, is a security evaluation process that
detects vulnerabilities and tests system defenses through simulated attacks, enhancing overall

Web application testing

Web application testing verifies the functionality, security, and performance of web-based software, ensuring it operates reliably and securely on the internet to meet user expectations and safeguard against potential vulnerabilities.

Mobile application testing

Mobile application testing involves evaluating the functionality, usability, and performance of mobile apps across various devices and operating systems to ensure they work effectively and provide a seamless user experience.

Api testing

API testing validates the functionality, reliability, and security of Application Programming Interfaces, ensuring they perform as intended and handle data securely during interactions between software systems

Network Testing

Network testing involves evaluating the performance, reliability, and security of a computer
network to ensure its functionality and stability, typically by assessing data transfer,
connectivity, and security protocols.

Network Penetration testing

Network penetration testing simulates cyberattacks to uncover vulnerabilities within a network's infrastructure, identifying potential security weaknesses and providing insights to strengthen its defenses.

WIFI pentesting

Wi-Fi pentesting involves assessing wireless networks' security by simulating attacks, identifying vulnerabilities, and strengthening measures to secure the network against potential breaches.

Cloud Testing

Cloud testing ensures the reliability, scalability, and performance of applications hosted on cloud
platforms, validating their functionality and resilience to provide a seamless user experience.

Cloud penetration testing

Cloud penetration testing involves simulating attacks and exploiting vulnerabilities within cloud-based systems to identify potential security risks and enhance overall cloud infrastructure security measures.


Kubernetes pentesting involves assessing the security of Kubernetes clusters by simulating attacks, identifying vulnerabilities, and enhancing the overall security posture of the container orchestration system.

Our Cyber Security Services

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