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The Ultimate Resource Augmentation Guide: Boost Your Team's Productivity

In today’s fast-moving world, businesses are also rethinking their ways of hiring the right talents to scale their businesses. However, an IBM report states that 45% of organizations still struggle to find the right expertise according to their requirements.

To bridge this gap between the employer and the expertise-level talent, resource and staff augmentation service providers have become part of the hiring process.

In this article, we’ll cover how to use resource augmentation to speed up the hiring process and boost your team’s overall productivity.

What is Resource and Staff Augmentation?

Resource and staff augmentation refers to the practice of supplementing a company’s existing workforce or resources with external talent or additional resources on a temporary basis.

It involves hiring individuals or outsourcing specific tasks or projects to external experts or agencies to meet short-term goals or address skill gaps within the organization.

In resource augmentation, you can seek external resources, including equipment, software, infrastructure, and staff, to support your business operations.

Why is Augmented Staffing Important for Businesses Today?

Resource and staff augmentation is one of the most flexible and fastest ways to hire a specialist for a limited time. It is a perfect alternative to hiring a full-time expert resource for startups and mid-tier companies for specific projects and limited time periods.

This augmented staffing model helps you:

  • Leverage the benefits of working with an industry expert without providing them with the benefits associated with hiring a full-time employee.
  • Get access to a wide pool of talent from across the world to work on your projects.
  • Gain a fresh perspective on how to improve the efficiency of your work process.

For example, if you run a web development company but got an opportunity to develop an app, you can hire a programmer to make an app through resource augmentation.

This will help you reduce costs while benefiting from the experiences and skills of a mobile app development expert.

The Key Benefits of Staff Resource Augmentation

Before we walk you through the process of resource augmentation, let’s look at the key benefits of this strategy.

1. Flexibility at Your fingertips

Finding the right talent for your expanding organization can be exhausting, especially when you need app developers to boost your development team.

But fear not!

Resource augmentation offers a perfect solution, providing you with the flexibility to hire temporary individuals or teams for project-specific needs. This lets you test new projects based on market viability without long-term commitments.

2. Cost and time efficiency

Traditional full-time hiring is both time-consuming and costly. That’s where staff augmentation services come to your rescue!

They enable you to save precious time, money, and resources that you can invest elsewhere in your organization. With the timeshare model, you can tap into fractional payments for usually expensive resources (like hiring a web developer), maximizing cost and time efficiency.

3. Turbocharged productivity with top talent

Resource and staff augmentation providers boast of helping you employ the top 1% of talent.

Just imagine collaborating with stellar software engineers, UX designers, web and app developers, and Agile experts!

By bringing in specialized professionals for specific projects, you can unlock focused efforts dedicated to achieving your business goals. This level of productivity is often challenging to attain with an in-house team, who have multiple organizational responsibilities.

Staff augmentation empowers you to skyrocket your productivity when you need it most.

In a nutshell, staff resource augmentation empowers your organization to seamlessly adapt, optimize costs, and tap into exceptional talent.

So, why settle for the ordinary when you can supercharge your capabilities and achieve extraordinary results?

The Different Types of Resource Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a powerful strategy for augmenting your workforce with external talent that fits your specific project needs.

Let’s explore the different types of staff augmentation and learn when to choose which one.

Commodity Staff AugmentationSkill-Based Staff AugmentationHighly-Skilled Staff Augmentation

This type of staff augmentation focuses on fulfilling general or common roles within your company.

These roles may include administrative support, data entry professionals, customer service representatives, or entry-level positions.

It is ideal for menial tasks and ensuring smooth operations while allowing your core team to focus on higher-value activities.

It involves hiring individuals with specialized skills and expertise that your in-house team lacks.

These roles may require in-demand skills, critical for the success of specialized projects. For example, experienced web developers, app developers, graphic designers, or marketing specialists.

It is ideal for fulfilling short-term requirements by tapping into the right talent pool.

This staffing model focuses on hiring top-tier professionals with extensive experience and advanced expertise.

These roles may include hiring senior-level executives, subject matter experts, or consultants to drive critical projects, provide strategic guidance, or bridge skill gaps.

It is ideal for bringing in industry-leading talent to tackle complex challenges and strategic initiatives to enhance the quality and efficiency of your project workflow.

How to Choose the Perfect Augmentation Partner for Your Projects [The Best Practices]

Selecting the ideal staff and resource augmentation partner may seem like a daunting task. However, fear not!

Before diving into the process of shortlisting potential augmentation partners, here’s a helpful checklist to ensure you make the right choice for your organization:

1. Assess your needs

Begin by clearly defining your project requirements and objectives.

  • Take stock of the skills, expertise, and resources you need to accomplish your goals.
  • Identify the in-house employees with similar skill sets.
  • Find skill gaps within your team and specify which resources can help bridge them.
  • Decide on the timeline of your project.
  • Specify what goals you want to achieve with resource and staff augmentation.

This evaluation will serve as your compass throughout the augmented staff selection process.

2. Look for partners with the required expertise and experience

Look for augmentation partners who have a proven track record in the specific areas you require. Consider their industry experience, client testimonials, and success stories.

A partner with relevant expertise will bring invaluable insights to the table and help enhance the quality of your projects.

Also, ensure that they are a good cultural fit for your company because smooth collaboration is key to any project’s success. Seek partners who align with your brand’s values, work ethic, and communication style.

3. Set clear expectations

Clear and open communication is vital when working with an augmentation partner.

To establish a solid foundation for resource and staff augmentation, it’s crucial that you:

  • Define the job roles and responsibilities of your outsourced and in-house team members. They should know their role in the project and how their contributions will affect the main goals.
  • Communicate your expectations regarding work quality, deadlines, and deliverables.
  • Define the performance metrics (KPIs) or milestones that can help both you and your augmented staff track progress and identify areas for improvement.
  • Designate project or team leaders who can provide guidance and oversee tasks to ensure efficient strategy execution.

4. Assess their reliability and trustworthiness

Dependability is crucial in an augmentation partner.

You should assess their reliability in meeting project deadlines, delivering on promises, and maintaining confidentiality. For this, you can review their past projects and ask for testimonials from clients they’ve worked with.

5. Consider cost and value

How much does it cost to hire an app developer with six years of experience?

While the cost of hiring an app developer is a deciding factor in staff augmentation, you should also consider the value they bring to the table.

  • Do you want an intermediate-level developer?
  • Or, do you want someone who can strategize and develop a top-notch product?

Remember, it’s not just about finding the cheapest option but the one that offers the best return on your investment.

6. Build a strong relationship with your augmentation partner

Did you know that about 86% of staff attributes business failures to a lack of effective collaboration and communication?

To make resource augmentation work in your favor, you need to employ the right talents and establish strong work relationships with them.

Your goal should be to bridge the gap between your outsourced and in-house teams and leverage the most of their capabilities to meet your project goals. Here’s how to do this:

  • Embrace transparency by sharing information and feedback.
  • Let everyone contribute their ideas and insights.
  • Use modern communication tools and technologies for seamless collaboration. Some useful platforms include Slack, ClickUp, Zoom, and Google Docs.
  • Schedule regular team meetings and check-ins to discuss project progress and address challenges.
  • Assign a dedicated project manager who is responsive and supportive for every project.

7. Regularly evaluate the performance of your partner

When using staff augmentation services, it’s crucial to have a robust performance assessment system in place. This will help ensure that your augmented staff members meet your company’s standards and expectations.

This process involves:

  • Assessing their performance diligently
  • Providing constructive feedback
  • Promptly addressing any concerns that may arise
  • Making necessary adjustments to optimize the results

This ongoing assessment will not only keep everyone accountable but also help you achieve your goals faster.

The Common Challenges of Resource Augmentation [+Solutions]

Resource augmentation offers numerous advantages, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges.

Let’s take a look at some of the common challenges that you’ll face while implementing staff and resource augmentation. We’ve also shared the most effective solutions to address each of these challenges.



Ineffective communication and coordination

Fostering open communication

Utilizing collaboration tools like Slack and Zoom

Cultural misalignment

Promoting cultural understanding

Failed expectations or quality control issues

Defining clear goals and responsibilities

Implementing performance evaluation processes

Investing in training

Project management and monitoring issues

Setting up a project management process 

Leveraging powerful project management tools like ClickUp

Difference in time zones

Setting a working schedule that bridges the gap


The Key Takeaways From This Resource Augmentation Guide

Here we conclude our comprehensive guide on resource augmentation. By now, you should have understood:

  • What does staff augmentation mean? 
  • What are the benefits of resource augmentation?
  • How can you choose the right augmentation partner for your business?
  • What are the challenges of hiring an augmented staff (and solutions)?

In all, employee augmentation is an effective solution to hiring experienced professionals (like web developers) for increasing your productivity without the pressure of hiring a new in-house person.

By partnering with a resource augmentation service provider, you can find the right talent pool for a limited time and use their expertise to walk towards achieving your bigger business goals.


  1. What is resource augmentation and how can it help boost my team’s productivity?

Resource augmentation refers to the practice of supplementing your existing team with external resources, such as skilled professionals.

It can help boost your team’s productivity by providing access to additional expertise, skills, and resources when needed. By augmenting staff, you can scale up or down quickly, tap into niche talents, and complete projects more efficiently.

This will, ultimately, help accelerate your team’s output and overall productivity.

  1. How can I determine the right resources to augment my team’s skills and capabilities?

To determine the right augmented resources for your team, keep these things in mind:

  • Understand your project’s needs.
  • Access the expertise and skills required to meet your project goals.
  • Evaluate your team’s expertise.
  • Find resources that can bridge the skill gaps within your team.
  • Ensure they fit your company’s values and work culture.
  1. What are the key considerations when choosing a resource augmentation provider for my team?

When choosing a resource augmentation partner, consider these factors:

  • Ensure that they are familiar with your industry.
  • Check out the company’s experience and track record with resource augmentation.
  • Understand their pricing model.
  • Ask questions about their staffing process and how much time it takes usually.
  • Figure out if the provider offers flexibility in terms of scaling up or down as needed. 
  • Ensure that they can handle risk.
  • Assess their past experiences with other companies to analyze their staff and resource management skills.
  1. How can I measure the impact of resource augmentation on my team’s productivity and overall business performance?

To measure the impact of resource augmentation on the overall business performance, set specific key performance metrics (KPIs) and timelines. This will help you evaluate the performance of your augmented staff.

Be sure to assess their performance regularly to ensure that they are meeting your company’s standards.

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